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We are Grown-Man Business Entertainment! The one-stop media partner for aspiring artists and those seeking professional Audio/Video services. Our team of consultants, engineers, photographers and videographers provide marketing tools and distribution services in a variety of business platforms. Contact us below to begin your journey!


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Our team of experienced professionals will design the right strategy for your target audience.


Want to turn an idea into a product, but unsure where to start? You have found the right place!

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Never miss out on the latest podcasts again! It is our goal to provide high quality content for listeners and fellow curators. Have a podcast already and want to submit it to be featured? Send us a message today!


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The story of this organization is a story of brotherhood. A story of networking for the greater good of a community. Born and formed in Cleveland, Ohio, GB Entertainment and each founding member represents the strength of adversity through struggle. We are all products of the inner city. We were all statistics at birth. We all persevered to exceed that which was expected of us, and to do so as a brotherhood.

This business is our effort to pay that forward. We use every resource available to us to educate, motivate, and accelerate the potential value of our clients and customers. We make you the leading member of a team, dedicated to establishing your brand and product, and doing so with every tool available to us. We have seen what happens when committed individuals strive to reach new heights – they exceed them!

Our urban connection and business acumen are the perfect platform to connect communities across every divide there is. Let us take you to the next level! Personal bios will be withheld for now…we strive to make our team – from management to staff members – no more important than one another or any client!

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Get dedicated hours of Audio and/or Video recording time to curate as much content as you need each month. We provide the space, engineer and equipment, you simply need to show up ready to work. Let us help you take your listener's experience to the NEXT LEVEL!

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